Nigerian Bucks


Avian Acres WVL Achilles
DOB: 03/03/08

Sire:  MI Sugarcreek C Beau Weevil
SS: AGS Irish Whisper Rainsin' Cane
SD: GCH AGS Sugar Creek Sand Flea 2*M

Dam: AGS Sugar Creek RB Very Sweet
DS: AGS Twin Creeks WB Rain Beau
DD: AGS Sugar Creeks PT So Sweet


  *B Pholia Farm HH The Bachelor
DOB: 03/31/09

Sire: *B CH Pholia Farm RA Hubba Hubba
SS: +B AGS Rosasharn SS Aquarius
SD: AGS Jobi Willa 4*M

Dam: GCH Pholia Farm KM Harriett 3*M
DS: +B AGS Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck
DD: AGS QF's Here's a Riddle 2*M


Mini Paradise Acres Jake
DOB: 04/09/09

Sire: Oak Hollow Acres Blue Phoenix
SS: AGS Pine Ridge HP Renegade
SD: Oak Hollow Acres MC Mashatu 1*M

Dam: CH Mini Paradise Acres Evelyn
DS: *B CH AGS Wood & Stream CU Chesterfield
DD: AGS Paradise Acres Eowyn


  *B Pholia Farm HB Buck Finn
DOB: 03/28/10

Sire: AGS +B GCH Piddlin Acres Hit The Bullseye
SS: AGS Twin Creeks BW Peaceful Voyage
SD: AGS Piddlin Acres Fraulin

Dam: AGS GCH Jobi Deana 5*M
DS: +B AGS Rosasharn SS unity *S
DD: AGS Jobi Latti 4*M


Wood & Stream WA Mars
DOB: 04/04/11

Sire: Avian Acres WVL Achilles
SS: MI Sugarcreek C Beau Weevil
SD: AGS Sugar Creek RB Very Sweet

Dam: Pholia Farm OD Wanda 7*M
DS: +*B Pholia Farm RA Odessy
DD: Pholia Farm HR Angelica 6*M



Reference Bucks

Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Manx *S
DOB: 02/08/99

Sire: Piddlin Acres Lies & Rumors +S
SS: Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder 'VG'
SD: MCH Piddlin Acres Doe 'C' Doe 'E'

Dam: Gay-Mor's RA Kitty *D
DS: Stonewall's Raising Arizona
DD: Gay-Mor Berry's Jiraffe

Wood & Stream's Rum
DOB: 02/04/00

Sire: Gay-Mor's LR Kitty Manx
SS: Piddlin Acres Lie & Rumors +S
SD: MCH Piddlin Acres Doe 'C' Doe 'E'

Dam: Goodwood Whitney *D
DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood
DD: Goodwood Too Much

CH AGS Herzinger's RT Cullinan Jewel
DOB: 02/20/03

Sire: AGS Goodwood Royal Tern
SS: AGS Goodwood Kauri Tree
SD: AGS Goodwood Bejou Merry

Dam: AGS Nova Lea Heavenly Jewel
DS: AGS Inavale Raz Ma Taz
DD: AGS Almn Truffle

Wood & Stream CM Chetty
DOB: 02/13/06

Sire: AGS Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Manx
SS: AGS Piddlin Acres Lies & Rumors
SD: AGS Gay-Mor's RA Kitty

Dam: AGS Lost Pines Water Chestnut 1*M
DS: AGS Gay-Mor Kingwood
DD: AGS Goodwood Thundercloud



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