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Thank you for visiting our website. We have been breeding dairy goats since the 1970's and use the same focus and goals for each individual breed's breeding program. We strive to breed health animals with improved breed type, production and overall quality.

Our herds have been on continuous DHIR since 1972 and have been HES evaluated and ADGA Linear Appraised numerous times, most recently in 2001 and 2002. A number of our animals have been listed in the ADGA Top Ten over the years.

Our herd is fed alfalfa hay and a 16% dairy ration plus free choice minerals. Kids are raised in separate pens on heat treated goat colostrum and pasteurized milk. Treatment for coccidiosis and vaccinations for enterotoxemia and tetanus are done on a routine basis.

We attend many shows during the year including club, fair and national shows. We attend both AGS and ADGA sanctioned events and have attended both National Shows numerous years.

Kevin and Tofu
Marge's grandson, Kevin, with Tofu.
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats are the perfect size for small children.


Karyl Dronen
Marge & Earl Kitchen
9721 Mound Prairie Drive
Houston, MN 55943-0360

Phone: 507-894-4274
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